About New Old Age?

Well, it’s not your grandparents’ newsletter about rocking chairs and 401(k) plans.

It’s not about gently ebbing into that good night, minding your manners and not making a fuss. It’s not about taking up a hobby in your twilight years.

Silent generation? More like the motherfucking loud generation that’s not going to take it lying down. Not going to take ageism and all the crap heaped upon older people. Not going to presume that older politics veers hard right. Or hard left.

10,000 people are turning sixty-five every single day for the next twenty years. By 2050, over twenty-seven percent of the population will be over sixty-five. Now that’s a voting bloc.

We are going to rage, rage against the dying of the light.

We are older. And we are legion.